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BEEDS HD Premium Ceramic Coating Paint Treatment is the most versatile coating on the market. With the ability to apply to paint, glass, metal, trim, wheels, matte finishes and even leather! Creating a crystalline structure that bonds with the paint. True paint protection. Minus the hype.

PROTECT + ENHANCE Trusted by Thousands in Protecting Automobile Exteriors Since 1999.

Beeds HD

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Beeds HD-X

The BEEDS HD-X System is the ultimate in paint protection coatings. World renowned for its extreme gloss, protection and hydrophobic properties while staying one of the easiest and coatings to apply.

HD-X is a 2-step process with BEEDS HD as the first layer with superior resistance to chemical etching, scratches, UV rays and more. A top layer of BEEDS ELX takes the gloss and slickness to an unmatched level.  The BEEDS HD-X system provides long term paint protection with 5 year warranty.

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Extreme Water Repellency

The combination of both our ceramic coatings will deliver outstanding water repellency.

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